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Piano Lessons

Master the Piano and enjoy the freedom of playing the songs and pieces you love
Train with our expert piano teachers in Gravesend, Kent and Ticehurst East Sussex and unlock your musical potential

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If you are taking your firsts steps in piano or wanting to progress your playing, we have lessons to suit a range of ages and abilities. 

Currently we offer piano lessons in our Meopham school and also online with our dedicated music lesson software Rockoutloud. 

For beginners we will guide you through an easy to understand programme where you will start learning to play real music from day one. For more experienced players we assess your goals and needs and create lessons that will help you more forward every week. 

Learn to play your favourite songs and pieces and also work through music grades from the rockschool sylabus in popular piano, classical or keyboard. 

At Rocket Music School, we provide a dynamic and nurturing environment that empowers students to reach their full musical potential. Our experienced instructors offer personalized lessons tailored to each student's skill level and goals, ensuring that beginners and advanced musicians alike receive the guidance they need. By integrating a variety of teaching methods and musical genres, we cater to diverse learning styles and interests, making the learning process both effective and enjoyable. Whether students are looking to master an instrument, improve their vocal technique, or deepen their understanding of music theory, our comprehensive curriculum is designed to foster growth and confidence in every aspect of their musical journey.

We understand that music education extends beyond just playing an instrument or singing. We emphasize the importance of holistic development by offering classes in music theory, ear training, and composition. This well-rounded approach ensures that students not only become proficient performers but also gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of music. By cultivating critical thinking and creativity, we prepare our students for a wide range of musical opportunities, from professional careers to lifelong personal enjoyment. Our commitment to excellence and individualized attention makes Rocket Music School the ideal place for students to explore and achieve their musical ambitions.

Register today for a free 30 min assessment lesson with one of our piano tutors. In your free no obligation lesson we will be able to assess your needs and teach you something to take away that day. 

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