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Adult Guitar Lessons

Are you a beginner starting to learn guitar? Around half of our students are adults and we have student up to 75 years learning to enjoy playing guitar, and now there is no better time to get started. Whether you want to be able to play a few tunes, or take things further and concentrate a particular style or goal you have then we have lessons for you. No previous experience or musical background is required, only a desire to learn and a love of guitar music!

Have you picked up some basics and want to take your playing to the next level? Maybe there is a particular area you feel needs improvement? We will be able to assess where you are now, and where to go next to reach your playing goals. Would you like so extra structure in your playing? Work towards guitar grades and push your skills even further. 

Wherever you are with your guitar playing, be sure to get in touch and schedule a free zoom lesson!

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