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Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Unlock your musical potential & enjoy playing the music you love

Expert local guitar, piano, drums & singing lessons in Gravesend, Ticehurst and online. 

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Learn to play step by step in a fun and stuctured way

We pride ourselves on being more than just a music school; we are a nurturing community dedicated to your musical journey. What sets us apart is our commitment to personalised education, tailored to each student's unique needs and aspirations. Our passionate and experienced teachers are not only masters of their craft but also devoted mentors who invest in your growth and success. With a supportive environment and a curriculum designed to inspire and challenge, we ensure that every lesson brings you closer to your musical goals. At Rocket Music, your dreams take center stage.

Formerly known as Kent Guitar School, we now offer guitar, piano, drums, and singing lessons for both adults and children. 
Offering music lessons from our school in Meopham in Kent, Ticehurst in East Sussex, and live online lessons.


Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping students of all levels reach their full potential and achieve their musical goals, whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician. So come on in and let's make some music together!


Train with us and see the progress

We understand that learning how to practice effectively is crucial for achieving success as a musician. That's why our instructors place a strong emphasis on teaching our students how to practice in a way that is both efficient and enjoyable. We provide our students with a clear understanding of what they should practice and how often, as well as tips and techniques for how to make the most of their practice time.

In addition to providing students with the knowledge and tools to practice effectively, we also offer regular check-ins and progress evaluations to help them stay on track. This allows our instructors to monitor their students' progress and adjust their teaching strategies as needed. Furthermore, our instructors will also give students feedback and help them to improve their practice habits to make sure they are making the most out of their time. Our goal is to empower our students to take control of their own learning and make steady progress towards their musical goals.

Personalised instruction from experienced music teachers
Regular in-between lesson help and support
Access to online practice resources and materials
Opportunities to participate in jam sessions and concerts
A supportive and collaborative learning environment
Exposure to a variety of musical styles and techniques
Boost in self-confidence and creativity

Flexible in person and online lessons

Our music school in Meopham, Kent is located in a convenient spot for students traveling by train or car. The school is just a short walk from the Meopham train station and is easily accessible from the A2, making it a great option for those living in nearby towns such as Northfleet in Gravesend and nearby villages Longfield. Our Meopham location has plenty of free parking available for students and their families.

Our second location is in Ticehurst, East Sussex. This location is near Flimwell, Wadhurst and the A21, providing easy access for students living in those areas. Like our Meopham location, Ticehurst also has plenty of free parking available.

In addition to our physical locations, we also offer online lessons using our dedicated online musc lesson software Rockoutloud. This allows students to learn from the comfort of their own home and eliminates the need for travel.  Online lessons also provide flexibility in scheduling, making it easy to fit music lessons into a busy schedule. Furthermore, it also provides the opportunity to learn music with a teacher wherever you are.

Learn more about our programs or schedule a free 30-minute intro lesson with one of our experienced music teachers.

We look forward to helping you achieve your musical goals!

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