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Childrens Guitar Lessons

6-9 Years Guitar Lessons

Learning an instrument is a fantastic thing! Our 6-9 years lessons will help your child to master the basics and start playing music from day one. We focus on learning to play song and having fun in these early years. If we can develop a confidence and love for playing guitar at this stage, it can create a path for them to be able to build on in the future.

We know it can be challenging as a parent keeping up with practice along with every other club in the diary. That's why we offer opportunity to come in more than once a week and train, as well as keeping lessons simple in terms of what students are working on.  Students will initially work through our fun guitar book with many popular riffs, and tunes from famous tv/film themes. This then prepares them for taking early stage guitar grades as they develop their skills in their own time. 

10-15 Years Guitar Lessons

Whether your child is interested in playing the guitar for the first time, or they have learnt before and want to improve then we have lessons for them. Whether it is strumming chords for the first time or learning their first guitar riff we will be able to give them a fun and structured way to learn the guitar. Starting with our own beginner guitar books and learning popular tunes and tv/film themes, they can then go on to complete their guitar grades. 

Has your child learnt before and had a break or wants to improve? We will be take everything they have learnt already and create lessons that build on this. Whether it's learning some new songs or technique, or achieving guitar grades we have it covered.

We also know that keeping them interested and practicing can sometimes be a challenge. Thats why we keep lessons fun and working on music that motivated them. With options to come in more than once a week and a focus on training and how to practice, they will easily be able to progress week to week. Lessons can be taken on either Acoustic or Electric Guitar.

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